Face of America 2017

Team American Portfolios
Team American Portfolios

Team American Portfolios

Welcome to Team American Portfolios! 

This will be Team-AP's 11th year participating in the Face of America ride through World TEAM Sports. 

I am excited to be riding with everyone on our team again this year, as we honor and support our brave servicemen and women who have fought for our freedom, as well as those with disabilities. 

As with previous years, Team American Portfolios will be riding the Arlington route to Gettysburg. 

Team American Portfolios is the largest team participating in the Face of America, both in number of riders and total fundraising. Since our first ride in 2007, Team-AP has raised over $650,000 for World TEAM Sports, including over $129,000 raised in last year's ride. 

We are proud to do our part in supporting World TEAM Sports.

Thank you for being part of Team American Portfolios and for your fundraising efforts!  I promise you will have another awesome experience in the 2017 ride. 

David Rey

Team Captain

Team-AP Co-Founder with Lon Dolber






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