Volunteering for Face of America Liberty

World T.E.A.M. Sports works with talented, dedicated volunteers to manage Face of America Liberty and provide an exceptional experience for our participating athletes. Volunteers provide assistance with all stages of the event, from pre-ride preparation, to rider check-in to rest stops to ride assistance to event take-down.

Each year, volunteers register for Face of America Liberty and provide valuable support in West Point, Manhattan, and points in between. Following our online registration, our volunteer coordinators will match you to available volunteer positions based upon your indicated interests and availability. Those candidates who are matched and selected for a position will be contacted directly by the volunteer coordinator. If you do not hear from a coordinator by email or by telephone within four weeks of registering, it is likely there are no available positions matching your interests and skills. You may contact the coordinator by email message if you have any questions regarding available positions or duties.

All volunteers are required to complete and submit our 2017 Face of America Liberty Volunteer Agreement once they have been accepted as a volunteer. Some volunteers may be required to undergo a simple background check.