Mobile Messaging during Face of America Liberty

Face of America Liberty offers a free smart phone texting and tracking service for participants during the event.

Recognizing that emergency situations can happen during bicycling rides of more than 50 miles, World T.E.A.M. Sports offers the optional RaceJoy smart phone messaging and tracking service for our participants. This free application allows for nearly instant communication from ride leadership by cell phone messaging during the ride itself. The mobile messaging service may also be used during Face of America Liberty for any important scheduling updates or changes.

Family and friends may follow participating riders live online using the RaceJoy athlete tracking site. There are free iPhone and Android applications for this free service for smart phones (this also includes iPads). The website and phone apps allow spectators to look up individual riders during the Face of America Liberty ride to Manhattan on Sunday. RaceJoy tracks riders through their cell phone GPS service during the ride. Download the application for Apple and Android devices.


Quick RaceJoy Instructions for Participants

Download the app to your smart phone and enter the Face of America Liberty event in the Featured Races section. 


1. Click “I Want to Be Tracked” button 


2. Create Your Personal Profile

Follow directions to enter the required information.


3. Select Course Option

Liberty has only one course in 2017.


4. Bib Number

Athletes at Face of America Liberty do not receive bib numbers.


5. Finish following the prompts. 


6. Turn tracking on during Face of America Liberty ride hours. You must go back into RaceJoy to activate your tracking. Tracking can be turned on and off during event hours if desired. Smart phone batteries may see heavy use during the event so be sure your battery is fully charged before turning on the application.


Learn more about the RaceJoy application, including key features, a video tutorial and more.